Expositions / Foires 2018

Expositions où vous pouvez voir des produits TST et avoir une démonstration.
Date de début Date de fin Evénement Ville Pays Exposant

2018.02.06 2018.02.08 Southern Manufacturing Farnborough GREAT BRITAIN Optimas Components, C120
2018.03.08   IICA Technology Expo Wagga RSA (NSW) AUSTRALIA Treotham
2018.03.06 2018.03.08 Middle East Electricity 2018 Dubai UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Tehnoplast
2018.03.10 2018.03.14 Elecrama 2018 New Delhi INDIA Salzer
2018.03.13   Military & Aviation Industries  Airport City ISRAEL Avron Electrical Equipm.
2018.03.14 2018.03.16 2018 Productronica China Shanghai CHINA Optimas Components, E3, 3937
2018.03.18 2018.03.23 Light + Building 2018 Frankfurt GERMANY Jacob GmbH, Hall 8, D50
2018.03.20   IICA Technology Expo Echua AUSTRALIA Treotham
2018.03.20 2018.03.23 AMPER, International trade fair of electrotechnics Brno CZECH REPUBLIC SVK Elektronik
2018.03.20 2018.03.23 AUTOMATICON Warsaw POLAND Aste
2018.03.22 2018.03.24 MECSPE Parma ITALY Elektrozubehör
2018.03.27 2018.03.30 Industrie Paris Paris FRANCE SES-Sterling
2018.04.11 2018.04.13 M-tech Nagoya Nagoya JAPAN Sugatsune Kogyo Co.
2018.04.23 2018.04.27 Hannover Messe Hannover GERMANY Jacob GmbH, Hall 13, A57
2018.05.01 2018.05.03 EMEX Exhibition  Auckland NEW ZEALAND Treotham
2018.05.15 2018.05.17 El & Teknik Odense DENMARK HIN
2018.05.09 2018.05.11 NMW (National Manufacturing Week) Sydney AUSTRALIA Treotham
2018.05.16   IICA Technology Expo Mildura Grand (VIC) AUSTRALIA Treotham
2018.05.22 2018.05.24 SPS IPC DRIVES ITALIA Parma ITALY Elektrozubehör
2018.05.29 2018.05.30 New-Tech 2018 Exhibition Tel Aviv ISRAEL Avron Electrical Equipm.
2018.05.31   Technical fair organized by ELEC-ISERE - Valence Portes Les Valences FRANCE ETN
2018.06.05 2018.06.07 Sepem Colmar Colmar FRANCE SES-Sterling
2018.06.07   Technical fair organized by ELECTRO SAONE - Villefranche Pommiers FRANCE ETN
2018.06.13 2018.06.14 Rexel Montpellier Montpellier FRANCE SES-Sterling
2018.06.14   Technical fair organized by ELEC ISERE - Grenoble Seyssins FRANCE ETN
2018.06.20 2018.06.22 M-tech Tokyo JAPAN Sugatsune Kogyo Co.
2018.06.21   Technical fair organized by ELECTRO OUEST Chantepie FRANCE ETN
2018.07.25   IICA Technology Expo Gladstone (QLD) AUSTRALIA Treotham
2018.08 2018.08 Sonepar – Electrotechnical exhibition 2018 Hradec Kralove CZECH REPUBLIC SVK Elektronik
2018.08.21   IICA Technology Expo Banbury (WA) AUSTRALIA Treotham
2018.09.05   IICA Technology Expo Townsville (QLD) AUSTRALIA Treotham
2018.09.18 2018.09.21 InnoTrans Berlin GERMANY Jacob GmbH, Hall 10.1, 101
2018.09.19   IICA Technology Expo Hobart (TAS) AUSTRALIA Treotham
2018.09.27   Technical fair organized by ELEC AUTOMATISME La Chapelle St Luc FRANCE ETN
2018.10.03 2018.10.04 Rexel Lyon Lyon FRANCE SES-Sterling
2018.10.04   Technical fair organized by ELECTRO SAVOIE - Annecy Cran Gevrier FRANCE ETN
2018.10.04 2018.10.06 M-tech Osaka Osaka JAPAN Sugatsune Kogyo Co.
2018.10.09 2018.10.11 Scanautomatic Gothenburg SWEDEN RUTAB, B05:02
2018.10.10 2018.10.11 MAINTENANCE Krakow POLAND Aste
2018.10.16   IICA Technology Expo Geraldton (WA) AUSTRALIA Treotham
2018.10.17 2018.10.18 Easyfair Elmässan Stockholm SWEDEN RUTAB, H:03
2018.10.17 2018.10.18 Engineering Design Show Coventry GREAT BRITAIN Optimas Components, D70
2018.10.31   IICA Technology Expo Western Sydney (NSW) AUSTRALIA Treotham
2018.10   Electrical Trade Event Dublin IRELAND Demesne
2018.11.15   Open day organized by ELECTRO OUEST Chantepie FRANCE ETN
2018.11.16   Open day organized by ELEC ARMOR Lorient FRANCE ETN
2018.11.27 2018.11.29 SPS IPC Drives Nuremberg GERMANY Jacob GmbH
2018.12   Electronic Packaging Electro Mechanical Solutions Airport City ISRAEL Avron Electrical Equipm.



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