Exhibitions / Fairs 2023

Exhibitions where you can see TST products and have them demonstrated for you.
Start date End date Exhibition City Country Exhibitor, stand

2023-02-01 2023-02-03 SEMICO KOREA 2023, COEX Seoul South Korea MEC - Mahani Electric Co.
2023-03-01   IICA Wagga Wagga Technology Expo Wagga Wagga Australia


2023-03-08 2023-03-10
SmartFactory + Automation
World 2021 - AIMEX 2023, COEX
Seoul South Korea MEC - Mahani Electric Co.
2023-03-14 2023-03-16  CFIA Rennes.  Rennes Park Expo Rennes  France

ETN, Hall 3          Stand C15-D15

2023-03-21   IICA Warnambool Technology Expo Warnambool Australia Treotham
2023-03-21 2023-03-23 Amper.  Brno Exhibition Centre Brno Czech Republic


2023-03-23 2023-03-26
KIMES 2023
(Korea International Medical &
Hospital Equipment Show), COEX
Seoul South Korea MEC - Mahani Electric Co.
2023-03-29 2023-03-31 MECSPE 2023 Bologna Italy Elektrozubehör
2023-03-30   ETN Private Technical Exhibition Besancon France ELEC COMTOIS - Besancon


2023-04-06   ETN Private Technical Exhibition Marseille France ELECTRO SUD EST - Marseille
2023-04-13 2023-03-15

Industrial Autmation Show.          NECC Shanghai

Shanghai China Shanghai Weyer
2023-04-26 2023-04-28
(Electric Power Tech Korea)
Seoul South Korea MEC - Mahani Electric Co.
2023-05-09 2023-05-12 Elfack.  Svenska Mässan i Göteborg Gothenburg Sweden RUTAB.              B02:40
2023-05-11   IICA Shepparton Technology Expo Shepparton Australia Treotham
2023-05-23   IICA Brisbane Technology Expo Brisbane Australia Treotham
2023-05-23 2023-05-25 SPS IPC Drives Italia 2023 Parma Italy Elektrozubehör
2023-06-07   IICA Perth Technology Expo Perth Australia


2023-06-07 2023-06-10 WIN EURASIA 2023, Istanbul Exhibition Centre (İstanbul Fuar Merkezi) Istanbul Turkey

Birtes,          Hall/Stand 2/E135

2023-06-08   ETN Pricate Technical Exhibition Montbéliard France ELEC COMTOIS - Montbéliard
2023-06-14 2023-06-17
Raillog KOREA 2023
(Korea Railways and Logistics Fair), COEX
Seoul South Korea MEC - Mahani Electric Co.
2023-06-15   ETN Private Technical Exhibition Dunkerque France ELECTROMER - Dunkerque


  IICA Singleton Technology Expo Singleton Australia Treotham
2023-06-21 2023-06-23 M-Tech Exhibition.   Tokyo Big Sight Tokyo Japan Sugatsune
2023-06-22   ETN Private Technical Exhibition Brest France ELECTRO BREST - Brest
2023-06-29   ETN Private Technical Exhibition Orléans France ELEC AUTOMATISME - Orléans
2023-07-26   IICA Gladstone Technology Expo Gladstone Australia Treotham
2023-08-03 2023-08-06 KOREABULD Fair 2023 Seoul South Korea MEC - Mahani Electric Co.
2023-08-15   IICA Melbourne Technology Expo Melbourne Australia Treotham
2023-08-30   IICA Orange Technology Expo Orange Australia Treotham
2023-08-30 2023-08-31 EuroExpo.  Gällivare Isarena Gällivare Sweden RUTAB
2023-09-13   IICA Kiwana Technology Expo Kiwana Australia Treotham
2023-09-28   ETN Private Technical Exhibition Dijon France




2023-10-03 2023-10-05 EXPO Ferrovaria 2023, RHO (Milan) Milan Italy Elektrozubehör
2023-10-05   ETN Private Technical Exhibition Epinal France ELECTRO VOSGES - Epinal
2023-10-11   IICA Campbelltown Technology Expo Campbelltown Australia Treotham
2023-10-12   ETN Private Technical Exhibition Clermont-Ferrand France ELECTRO LOIRE - Clermont-Ferrand
2023-10-18 2023-10-19 Elmässan.  Kistamässan Stockholm Sweden RUTAB.                  H:03
2023-10-24 2023-10-27
(International Marine, Shipbuild,
Offshore,Oil&Gas Exhibition)
Seoul South Korea MEC - Mahani Electric Co.
2023-10-25   IICA Townsville Technology Expo Townsville Australia Treotham
2023-11-15 2023-11-17 EP SHANGHAI 2023.                  SNIEC Shanghai Shanghai China Shanghai Weyer.     N3-3E05
2023-11-16   IICA Hobart Technology Expo Hobart Australia Treotham
2023-11-29 2023-11-30 EuroExpo.  Luleå Energi Arena Luleå Sweden RUTAB
2023-11-30 2023-12-04 Electronica China 2023.              SNIEC Shanghai Shanghai China Shanghai Weyer.     N1-1388



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