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Customer case #2



DAF modular sealing flange IP65




Company installing automation equipment in enclosures needed a flexible flange solution with the possibility to change the configuration later and the possibility to seal openings where a cable was no longer required.  Cable anchorage was required on certain cables.  Previously used a fixed flange system.




DESIGN-A-FLANGE with different metric size openings & TSS to seal previously used openings, KLIKSEAL for the cables requiring cable anchorage.




>50% of product cost as there was no need to change the complete flange when a cable was no longer required. The DESIGN-A-FLANGE was less expensive than previous solution.  Cost savings by using KLIKSEAL was over 90% in installation time as no separate holes were needed to be made on the enclosure for the cable gland, plus 25% saving by using a KLIKSEAL instead of a cable gland.


Cable entry by design




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