D-A-F - Design-A-Flange, the modular cable entry system

D-A-F  -  Design-A-Flange

With Design-A-Flange we are introducing a brand new flange concept for sealing cables, with an unparalleled level of protection and flexibility. Design-A-Flange is very compact in its design and very easy to install. Just slide the inserts together, place them in the frame and install. The inserts lock on to each other as well as to the frame, ensuring a safe and secure installation.
Fiberglass re-inforced Polypropylene is used for the frame and the inserts, ensuring a very rigid structure. The soft TPE lets us incorporate push-out membrane seals with exceptional sealing properties. The two materials together make it possible to have a flange system with a very slim design.

The most flexible cable entry system

Design-A-Flange is a very versatile flange system with sealing inserts that can be changed depending on your needs. You are no longer forced to use fixed flanges with a certain number of predetermined openings. You can now decide for yourself what size openings and how many you want in your flange.
You are also free to choose what level of protection you want to have. You choose the inserts that suits your needs!

“Pop-out” membranes

All our Design-A-Flange inserts are equipped with our famous push-out membranes. No tools are needed to install the cables.
Just push the cables through the membrane of the seal and the installation is complete. Since you always will have a round opening, you are guaranteed to have IP65. You do not need to worry about cutting the right size opening to match the diameter of the cable, or that you made the opening uneven and therefore endangered the IP-classification.

Design your own sealing plate solution

With Design-A-Flange you can either choose a pre-configured solution or you can design your own. You can choose what size openings, how many and where they should be placed in the frame – allowing for a completely tailor made cable sealing plate.
Design-A-Flange is very compact in its design and very easy to install. Just put the inserts together, place them in the frame and install. The inserts lock on to each other as well as to the frame, ensuring a safe and secure installation.

You are no longer forced to use a flange where someone else has decided what size openings, how many, and where they are placed. A pre-determined solution where you often end up having quite a few openings unused is now a thing of the past.

With Design-A-Flange you have the freedom to decide where the inserts are placed, and where the different size openings should be in the frame. You are then able to get a sealing solution that is easier to install, and a very clean uncluttered cable installation.

Compact Design

Our cable entry plate is made to have very low protrusion and will take up very little space. This allows for very discrete and aesthetic installations. You can even have cable anchorage on your cables by using our KLIKSEAL and you will still have an installation that takes up a minimum of space.

IP65, with or without cables

A common issue with today’s flanges is that either the IP-rating decreases as soon as a cable is installed, or you cannot get a protection level of at least IP65. With Design-A-Flange you can now have a flange system that is rated IP65, with or without cables installed. For the first time ever you have a flange that provides exceptionally high IP-protection and flexibility.

Possible to change configuration later

You can choose if you want to have a system that is suitable for today’s needs, or one that allows flexibility for the future. Should you want to change your system configuration later on, this is not a problem - the only thing you need to do is change inserts.


Cable penetration by design

Cable sealing flange with IP65 protection

DAF is a modular cable sealing flange where you can design your own solution.

Cable sealing plate IP65 to seal multiple cables via one opening.

Change insert upon your needs with the modular cable entry plate.

Cable entry plate with protection ip65, pushout membrane and flat design.

Cable sealing solutions were you change the inserts depending on your projects needs.



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