Prefabricated D-A-F Flanges, size FL13

A list of our prefabricated D-A-F flanges
Size FL13

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Configurations FL13


Configuration article no

Inserts article no


Cable span



T_26 654 05

T_26 654 16
T_26 654 17


10x 4-10mm
1 x 6-13mm


T_26 654 23

T_26 654 34
T_26 654 35


10x 4-10mm
1 x 6-13mm


Config5 FL13 black

T_FL13 Config 2 Grey

T_26 654 17
T_26 654 15 


3 x 6-13mm


Config2 FL13

T_FL13 Config 2 Black

T_26 654 33
T_26 654 35 


3 x 6-13mm


Config2 FL13 black



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